Page 47 of Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition “I interviewed a young man who reported a long-tailed flying creature . . .  on a hot summer day in Antwerp, Ohio. . . . I was not able to completely eliminate a non-pterosaur explanation; nevertheless, our interviews caused me to believe that he probably saw a pterosaur. I refer to this young man as ‘ZJ.’” In that statement, the author shows an objective appraisal of this report. “’It was huge. . . . About 4.5 ft tall, 10 ft from head to end of tail. Long skinny tail with a spade about 3-4 [inches] from end of tail. It had a wing span of I would say 8-10 ft. Dark green skin sort of like an alligator. It had round long pointed teeth . . . and [its] snout was long and skinny.’ “’I seen it catching sparrows that were catching bugs off the top of the river. I was driving across a bridge out to my friend’s house, when the damn thing nearly ran into the side of my car. They fly so incredibly graceful. So much more than any kind of bird. Well anyway, it effortlessly flew over my car and that is when I stopped (in fear of having it hit my side window) and got out of my car to see it fly over the other side of the bridge. That is when I seen it swoop lower and start catching those sparrows.’” Page 48, shown on the left The author’s interview questions, and answers, are shown in detail as ZJ, the anonymous eyewitness, recalls the sighting in Ohio. A review (second edition) on Amazon “Well, if you are interested in reading about this subject, this is definitely the book to get....because there are almost none other out there. All levity aside, this author has really done a lot of work researching this issue. I still want to read the original New Guinea trip. I found myself at time convinced of some of the arguments in the book. I like how the author is not out to prove every story in the book and takes great care to make sure he has the best ones. He tries hard to make sure there are not other explanations for sightings. I would say I have no position on whether or not these animals are still around. I just find it very difficult to believe, but this book is not hyperbole by any means. I guess if a pterasaur was discovered, I would not be surprised would be my position. The fact the author takes the story to the U.S. makes it all the more interesting, but a lot harder to believe. However, I do believe the author tried hard to deliver these stories and was very good at it. This is well written and very hard to put down.”  Looking into new nonfiction books Live Pterosaurs in America