Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition Shaking the fundamental axioms of Western society, Jonathan Whitcomb makes no apology. He seems more concerned about the eyewitnesses who report to him their sightings, for those common Americans have been emotionally shaken by their most uncommon encounters with apparent living pterosaurs. Although Whitcomb works with Young Earth Creationist cryptozoologists, his own philosophy differs from theirs, but his most recent work, Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition, is enjoyable to readers of various belief systems. This is cryptozoology in its purity, giving the reader a taste of the traumatic emotions of those who have encountered flying creatures that they had assumed should not exist. Readers of all religious beliefs can empathize with those eyewitnesses. With that said, Whitcomb has no hesitancy in exposing the “universal extinction” indoctrination regarding pterosaurs. He launches into it in the introduction. Introduction, paragraph three “If this book does nothing more than comfort the eyewitnesses of strange creatures, I would be grateful; but there’s much more. We need to understand why we believe what we believe. When I first began researching these eyewitness sightings, years ago, I mentioned a word to a kindergartner: “pterosaurs;” he said, “A comet.” Years later, while writing this book, I mentioned my work to a second-grader; she said, “Who will buy your book? Crazy people?” I think better of you. And I think, because of what she and many others have told me, that we must understand indoctrination, for it influences our beliefs; the extent of that influence discomforts me.” A complete review (second edition) on Amazon “I couldn't put this book down. It is absolutely fascinating to read about eyewitness accounts of the people who have seen these creatures. To learn about these testimonies from such an open minded perspective is refreshing in the extreme! The way that our school systems and scientists alike are indoctrinated is sad. There is so much money out there being used for research, if only they would use it for good. I highly recommend this book to anyone! People should know the truth about what is going on. No one ever hears anything about this unless they conduct extremely specific internet searches, even then, information is minimal. Jonathan Whitcomb needs to write more books!” Looking into new nonfiction books Live Pterosaurs in America  Third Edition, nonfiction Author: Jonathan David Whitcomb Sketches by Eskin Kuhn and Patty Carson Self-published through Createspace Index pages: 15 (detailed-subject index makes it easier for researchers) Publication Date: Nov 02 2011 ISBN/EAN13: 1466292113 / 9781466292116 Page Count: 154 Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5" Related Categories: Nature / Wildlife